Environmental Responsibility

As a company full of people who really care, we at Do Little are taking our environmental responsibility seriously. We want our planet to be a happy and healthy place for your kiddies and all life. 

We applaud you for getting out there on a bike whether for fun or convenience. So it is our duty to support you in your environmental role by doing the best we can, right!

Keep checking in to see the changes we are making. We will add to our ‘chuffed’ list so you can keep an eye on us.

Chuffed that:

  • Do Little packaging is now 100% plastic-free

  • Do Little frame is made from steel, a sustainable and recyclable material


Tickled pink that:

  • Do Little donates to the NZ Forest & Bird Society

  • Do Little staff enjoy taking care of their bottom line with smartass Products

  • Do Little uses Earthwise products to keep our office space ship shape

  • Do Little HQ recycles

Do Little doing our part for the planet.

Ethical Responsibility

People are important to us too. So where and how our Do Little is made is a priority to our team.

When we shifted production to Taiwan for quality reasons, we ensured the Do Little was being produced by a company whose values resonated with ours.

This meant that Franky got a trip to Taiwan to meet our procurement company as well as our manufacturer and their production facility and sub-contract suppliers.

We are well pleased to be able to say the staff are valued and taken care of in a positive and safe working environment where they presented professionally in uniforms. They are subject to a minimum wage, based on a five day working week where overtime is subject to penal rates.


We have a close relationship with these companies whom we have found to be honest, honourable and completely trustworthy.

Do Little doing it ethically.

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